Underground (v.2)

“A series of chance and fleeting encounters becomes an epic journey of moods into the past”

Official Selection:
London International Documentary Festival 2011(UK), in association with The London Review of Books.
Invisible Cities Program:
Underground 2010, dir Sandra Lim, produced by Elizabeth Lim
Canada/UK 13 minutes.

Crossing documentary, with music, performance and Structural film, UNDERGROUND presents a subjective documentary portrait of Westminster Station/London Underground, made during the time period of the July 7th 2005 transit bombings. The original project began as a short documentary art project of the London Underground in 2004, overlapping into the weeks just before and after the bombings in 2005. While this station was not directly affected by the bombings, the shock of the events and gradual weight of the tragedy soon settled into the collective consciousness of the city, and could be felt in the day-to-day negotiation of its urban spaces. The conditions after the bombings led to the project being set aside. In 2010 the director returned to the footage wanting to make a documentary record after the fact, which set out to explore the contradictory moods of the time – from the more official government position of carrying on as usual, to the sense of anxiety felt on a more personal level. “Theatrical and compelling, UNDERGROUND takes the viewer on an epic journey of moods, in order to call attention to the intangible effects of trauma on the collective consciousness.” (Experimental Documentary, 13 min., Canada/UK, 2010), dir. by Sandra Lim, produced by Elizabeth Lim

Creative Commons License
This work by Sandra E. Lim is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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