Park Life Episodes


Work in Progress.  SD Video, Episodes 1 – 5, (2009-), Runtime: 30 mins, Camera, Editing and Sound by Sandra Lim, Produced by Elizabeth Lim.

Seen from my window to the North, West and East, the public park is the dominant element in the landscape, which becomes a centre of activity on bright and sunny days.  The voices of weekenders in from London, or tourists can be hear filtering through the window.  They are often in search of day parking and as a result there’s always a clash with the local apartment dwellers for parking spaces.  In addition to the street, the park also becomes a hub of activity activated by the temperate weather, with people playing ball games and walking dogs, even though there are all kinds of signs around the park prohibiting just those activities.  Most of the people engaged in these activities can be observed to occupy the south end of the park, while the north end of the park corner is where the homeless people tend to set up tents, or roll out a sleeping bag.  On hot days the North corner of the park becomes somewhat crowded and noisy, while the the middle of the park becomes an imaginary border which separates the homeless from everyone else.


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