Barbara Stanwyck Retrospective

I actually have a day job lecturing on Politics and Film for mostly Business Administration undergraduates, and I occasionally get the chance to knock off some writing on the subject of Politics and Film.  Recently, I wrote a piece to accompany The Melbourne Cinémathèque’s Barbara Stanwyck Retrospective back in March 2016.  A bit belated now, but born on this day July 16th, Barbara Stanwyck played a range of female leads that you just don’t see today.  The piece I wrote was for her film Meet John Doe (1941), on the theme of Populism and how the character’s enact a form of populism attributable to depression era America.  The character she plays is an independent and scheming  go to reporter who is just trying to keep one step ahead of loosing her job, without completely selling out.  Have you seen any of her films?

Meet John Doe Trailer